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Can virgins use sanitary napkin bag?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-22


    First of all, virgins can also use sanitary napkin bag, because the hymen is an elastic tissue, and the diameter of the tampon is smaller than the opening diameter of the hymen. However, women who have not used sanitary napkin bag may rupture the hymen of women if they use sanitary napkin bag improperly or with excessive force. Therefore, women can choose physiological products that suit them according to the actual situation. Women during menstruation Sanitary napkin bag can be used, but be careful to change sanitary napkin bag frequently.


    Secondly, it is best to choose dry sanitary napkins, and change sanitary napkins frequently during menstruation, and try to choose cotton underwear with good breathability, especially in hot summer, to avoid airtight private parts, which can easily lead to mold infection , increases the risk of gynecological inflammation in women.

    Finally, women need to do a good job of nursing during menstruation. They should not eat cold food during menstruation, change sanitary napkins frequently during menstruation, and wash the vulva with warm water every night to keep the vulva dry.


    What to pay attention to when using sanitary napkin bag

    1. Avoid using sanitary napkin bag during menstruation. Women should use sanitary napkin bag during menstruation. The vagina is dry during menstruation. Putting sanitary napkin bag in is easy to cause damage, and it is also easy to cause pathogenic bacteria infection. , will increase the risk of women suffering from gynecological diseases, so women should pay attention to the correct use of sanitary napkin bag.

    2. The tampon should not be put in for more than eight hours. Women should use the tampon correctly and replace the tampon and tampon frequently. The use time should not exceed eight hours, otherwise it will easily lead to bacterial infection and cause serious If the amount of menstrual blood is relatively large, it is best to replace it frequently.


    3. Improper use of sanitary napkin bag will lead to abnormal secretions. Women should use sanitary napkin bag correctly. Improper use will lead to abnormal secretions of women, which will affect the health of women's vaginas. Improper use can easily lead to inflammation and infection. Women should be checked as soon as possible if they experience foul-smelling vaginal discharge.

    4. The use of sanitary napkin bag may also cause TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). If you experience symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, skin erythema, muscle pain, and dizziness when using sanitary napkin bag during menstruation, you should be vigilant. Interleaving sanitary napkin bag and pads can reduce the chance of TSS.





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