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There are four principles for choosing diana sanitary napkin pads

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-22


    For women in a special menstrual cycle, the choice of diana sanitary napkin pads is very important. A suitable diana sanitary napkin pads can make menstruation more comfortable and can also avoid some gynecological problems. The editor will introduce in detail how to choose the right diana sanitary napkin pads for you!


    First, choose the right size.

    Under normal circumstances, the diana sanitary napkin padss sold in the market are mainly divided into three types. The first is the pad. The size of this diana sanitary napkin pads is very small. It is mainly used when the aunt has just arrived or when the cycle is about to end. The other type is the daily-use type. The size of this diana sanitary napkin pads is more suitable, and the amount of blood it can withstand is also within our acceptable range, but if the amount of blood during our menstrual period is too large, Need to use the extended version of the night type.

    Second, choose the right material.

    The materials for producing diana sanitary napkin padss are different. For example, some people prefer to use cotton diana sanitary napkin padss, which are often more suitable for our skin and are not easy to leak. And some people like to use mesh, everyone should choose the diana sanitary napkin pads that suits them according to their own considerations, and the one that makes us all feel comfortable is the appropriate diana sanitary napkin pads.

    Third, choose according to the stage.

    Everyone's menstrual period is carried out in stages, and it does not appear uniformly, so it is necessary to choose different diana sanitary napkin padss in different stages. Under normal circumstances, the amount of menstrual blood is relatively small when the menstrual period is just coming and when it is about to end. In the first two days or the first three days, there may be a large blood volume. At this time, we all need to use larger diana sanitary napkin padss to prevent blood from flowing out.


    Fourth, identify the brand.

    There are many brands of diana sanitary napkin padss on the market now. I don’t have any special requirements for the selection of your brand. I just hope that when you choose diana sanitary napkin padss, you must look for regular and reliable products of the brand. Because the production of diana sanitary napkin padss is also mixed, some inferior manufacturers will add some substances harmful to our body such as fluorescent whitening agents, so we must choose products with reliable ingredients to use.

    For women, the normal choice of diana sanitary napkin padss is related to the comfort of our menstrual period, and will affect our health, so I hope everyone can carefully choose a product with a very suitable size and material.






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